Sunday, September 20, 2015

Growth Mindset: If you ran the school...

Okay so this is going to be own personal little rant on school and the growth mindset and the impact of school. School is wonderful we come here and we learn about a lot of different things or at least in theory that is what we are doing. Some times I think we just come to school to get graded. I mean is that not the goal it get good grades and then leave. I think that is a trap that many of us fall into here at a big university. We just try to get our grade and then move on but we never take the time to really learn. If i could change one thing about it would be taking a step away from grades and moving more towards learning. some times that is lost in our large classes and that a shame because i love learning but i hate getting graded. It makes me dislike school because i am afraid I will get something wrong, when in reality i should be happy that i tried something new.
I think that learning should be an important part of our education and something that we can look forward to each day.  

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